Reflections on NYC, literally


Today I published an article on Felt & Wire about my experience at the 2012 Scotch Most Gifted Wrapper contest. I am very thankful for the support I had from the Felt & Wire crew and for the opportunity to share my experience. Kim Rogala and Pam Williams first told me about the contest and encouraged me to enter. Alyson Kuhn shared her own past (2010) contest experiences which helped me feel ready for the battle of the wrap.

Thank you also to the bounty of friends who were rooting for me on Facebook, Twitter, and in my text messages and email. If anyone loves to wrap I highly recommend entering the contest.

After the contest my weekend was filled with window shopping, real shopping and a lot of eating real good food.

Below I bring you a little of the NYC holiday spirit with some decked out Christmas windows. 

Saks 5th Avenue

I love snow globes!

I love snow globes!


Bergdorf Goodman


There was a multitude of interesting shopping experiences besides the windows. My darkest shopping experience ever was at the one-day Neiman Marcus/Target pop-up that I stumbled upon on 5th Ave. The carpet was black and the overall lighting very dark with the products being featured with golden spot lighting in museum style vignettes. What did I buy? Wrapping paper of course, from Rodarte.

The shopping experience at the Etsy pop-up shop in Soho was full of entertainment (free wine! short talks and an oxford style design debate followed by DJing from Pat Mahoney) and the friendliest people. Having recently started selling on Etsy I greatly appreciated the meta experience and talking to Etsy employees. I also walked away with a couple letterpress giveaways of this do it yourself giftbox. 

Couldn’t help but take a snapshot of some wrapping at Kiosk another fun Soho store.