Monster mash, baby bash!


Over the weekend I was one of three hosts for a close friends baby shower. My responsibility was of course decorations. The shower was Halloween themed. I loved thinking of baby girl twists on traditional icons. Check out all the decorating challenges and triumphs below.

In case you ever want to create similar decorations I'll share some details on what they're made out of and level of time commitment.


The event took place in the UCSF Mission Bay campus housing community room. When thinking about decorations I knew my main challenge would be filling a large space that was mainly a blank canvas but also slightly institutional feeling. I wanted to make sure the decorations would enliven the space.  


This bunting was a simple solution for creating a low-cost decoration that could be created en masse. I designed the jack-o-lantern faces and laser printed them on orange 8.5 x 11 paper. When I first conceived of using a pacifier mouth I imagined it would look cute. Turns out it looks creepy.

The other image is a bat. It was a challenge to be a host and photographer so I didn't get a good shot of those. I am less excited with how they turned out as it was a last minute idea to have bats hanging from the ceiling.


I also created ghost garland with tissue and crepe paper. This project was fairly simple but much more time consuming than the bunting.


The crepe paper bunches are looped and twisted at the top. They're secured with floral tape. The ghosts are tied at the neck with string and accented with a small crepe paper bow. The eyes are made from hole punched paper amd secured with glue.

Closer detail of the baby girl ghost.

Closer detail of the baby girl ghost.


Many of the tables were decorated with baby girl pumpkins and advise jars. The pumpkins were painted with acrylics and were a low-cost, low-time project so long as you already have the basic supplies. I've had the same tubes of acrylic paint for 14 years so highly recommend having some in a craft supply arsenal. 


I'm getting pretty good at writing H and As. 

I'm getting pretty good at writing H and As. 

These toothpick cupcake toppers were one of the more tedious projects mainly because I wanted to make them two sided. There were two cutting steps and two glueing steps. A 1 inch circle punch would have simplified things. I need to add that to my tool kit. The cute pictorial fronts are a printable designed by Lia Griffith. She has lots of printables that can help simplify party decorating.

Unfortunately I didn't get a pic before the majority of the cupcakes were eaten.

Unfortunately I didn't get a pic before the majority of the cupcakes were eaten.


This last craft was another last minute inspiration that turned out to be the fastest craft to make (30 mins for 40 bags). I love how they turned out. It's not often I get to use my spider stamp. I added the web trail with a black drawing pen.


I was in a Halloween craft marathon for the majority of this month. The end result was a successful baby bash.