Silent ribbon rattles: An easy DIY gift

Over the last couple years many new babies have come into my life. I've been making them these silent ribbon rattles. I use fun colors and intersperse black because babies visual senses are stimulated by high contrast colors.

With the long Thanksgiving holiday ahead of us I wanted to share this easy DIY in case you wanted to start crafting some holiday gifts. It's simple to make a bunch of these at the same time. You can get as fancy or as simple with your ribbon choices. Most fabric stores sell basic ribbon by the yard at a very reasonable price.

These can be a great gift on their own or work great as a gift topper. Because they're made of fabric they're also easy to wash. And with all the noisy baby gadgets out there I'm sure the silence is appreciated.

I wrapped one rattle in an exposed way so it was both decorative while being the actual contents of the gift.


– 6 yards of ribbon (variety of colors and widths. (I typically don't use ribbon wider than 5/8ths inch.)
– 1.5 inch D ring (Usually sold in multiples of 2)
– Scissors

Make It

— Prep your materials by cutting about 15 lengths of ribbon 15 inches each in length.
— Fold one length of ribbon in half to create a loop and secure to the D ring with a lanyard hitch knot. Then tie an overhand knot to finish securing the ribbon.
— Repeat until your D ring is packed with ribbons. I vary the colors as I go and intersperse with black ribbons.

A little side note. I am wowed by all the knot possibilities out there. There is most likely even a more secure method for tying these ribbons so feel free to experiment!  

Wrapping with Wrap magazine


The tagline says it best. Wrap is a magazine celebrating illustration, design and creative culture. It hails from the UK and I've had a subscription for a year as well as buying a few back issues. When I tell people I've found a gift wrap magazine I think they picture a glossy version of my gift wrap blog posts. It is definitely not that. The wrapping paper is a unique bonus because this magazine is for anyone who loves art, illustration, and the stories behind it. It is truly international.

Wrap comes with 5 sheets of double sided wrap. Some wrap illustrations use repeat patterns but most feature an illustration varying it's depiction from corner to corner. I have truly had a hard time tearing out these beautiful sheets and deciding which portion of the wrap to feature on my gifts. Until this holiday season I'd only wrapped with it once.


The above wrap features two illustrations from the Winter 2012 issue. Two sides of the same piece of paper. The illustrated scene on the spinning box is by Bjørn Rune Lie. The wrap on the right is by Petra Börner using paper cuttings. This issues theme was the deep cold of winter so they commissioned Nordic artists who know the cold well.


One of the smartest things Wrap does is repeat the illustrations on the pull out wrap inside the magazine. So even when you've wrapped a gift you can still look back on the artistry.


These wraps are from the latest Winter 2013 issue. Their theme was the telling of tales. Ten illustrators recreated a well known folk tale heralding from their home country. On the left Polish illustrator Pawet Milder recreates the story 'You Will Go Astray, Like a Killer'. On the right Leslie Wood recreates a winter edition of the American tale of 'Sticks and Stones'. Both wraps are from different sides of the same paper.


If you'd like to subscribe or just buy some gift wrap you can do so right here. I highly recommend it. This magazine is made with extreme care and all of my issues have been accompanied by hand written notes.