Patriotic presents

Happy 4th of July! 

Red, white, and blue (and pink).

Red, white, and blue (and pink).


Blue and white polka-dot flower made by me with crepe paper.

White and cyan polka-dot wrapping paper is from San Francisco Center for the Book. Pink bird wrap is by Hello Lucky. 

Catnip sequel


This grumpy card is a sequel to my catnip holiday card. I've had some success selling the holiday card and wanted to create a card for all seasons.

Why is the cat grumpy? I'm guessing that my cat would be grumpy if he had to wear a clown nose. Your cat won't be grumpy after you pull off the nose which is a catnip filled wool ball.

There's a printed nose under the wool.

There's a printed nose under the wool.

This was one of my smoothest printing projects. Usually when I print I've forgotten an important detail and need to jerry-rig something to accommodate my error. It made the process go quicker by choosing colors that didn't need to be mixed. I used them straight from the ink tube. I printed slightly over 100 cards using 3 colors, 4 plates plus creasing for the fold. This added up to over 500 impressions. Something so simple can add up to a lot of work but I'm very pleased.


I'm selling this card on Etsy and will have it at an upcoming local pop-up.