A decoration switcheroo in autum's golden light

Quick! Save your Halloween pumpkins from the compost. It might be possible to give them a makeover and become your fall decorations. If you carved yours into a jack-o lantern then the fruit flies might have already carted them off to vegetable as decoration heaven BUT if you happened to paint yours like I did you might just be in luck.

Before it becomes full on Christmas in my house I thought I'd enjoy autumn a bit. I was able to salvage most of my pumpkins from my Halloween decor. Because I used acrylic paints I was able to wash most of the eyeballs off my pumpkins. 

I kept the tillandsia greenery and added some fall like branches and blooms. And because in San Francisco we don't get much "fall color" I brought out my water color leaves from last years paper craft project. That makes it two centerpiece elements I was able to repurpose!

On a few pumpkins I just flipped them around to hide their eyes from looking at me. I can also store other fall veggies (squash and pomegranate) in the arrangement until I eat them!

It's really been feeling like fall in the evenings with it's golden light. I've been enjoying these fall arrangements as I furiously work away on projects for two upcoming San Francisco holiday fairs. If you're in the bay area stop on by The San Francisco Center for the Book on Nov 22nd or Pier 35 on Nov 29-30th. 

Creepy Flowers + DIY Kit!

Do these creepy flowers look familiar? The one's staring at you are a new creation but the green tongued ones are an update to the paper shop of flowers I made last year. Want to make some creepy flowers for yourself? Darby Smart has created a project kit with supplies for both!

And hey, if you already have plenty of paper flower supplies I've got instructions for the flowers peep'n at you. It's over here in this bonus post.

Purple seems to be making it's way into the classic Halloween color palette. How about pink to tone down the scary? 


Change up the tongue color on the hu(man) eating plant and both flowers can coordinate together.

If you're not too scared to be stared at or possibly eaten by your crafts go pick up this kit!

Paper shop of horrors


I've been exploring paper flower craft in the last number of months. Halloween season has inspired me create some paper Audrey IIs. As a reminder Audrey II was the flesh/blood eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors. Please note; if I go missing in the near future it's most likely I've been eaten by my own craft project.


For my table display I've paired the pot of Audreys with some of my weirder and pricklier looking succulents. Check out my Halloween pin board to see more creepy plants and ideas for eery plant craft.