Pop-up shop sneak peek

Here are some in progress images of a few of my wares I'll be selling this Friday and Saturday at Arch. Pop-up shop details are at the bottom of this post.  

Catnip piñatas in progress. 

Catnip piñatas in progress. 


I'll have some of my other cat crafts including cat balls (that's not a typo). I'll be debuting a new cat balls color and I'll have my newly printed greeting card that doubles as a cat toy. 

Packaging up notebooks adorned with washi tape.

Packaging up notebooks adorned with washi tape.

May flowers for moms.

May flowers for moms.

For now I'll call these mystery boxes.

For now I'll call these mystery boxes.

I'm really excited about a big letterpress printing I just completed related to the mystery boxes up above.  I'm going to save the big reveal for a later blog post but in the meantime you can see my finished product at the pop-up. I'll admit this project is a bit risqué. What can I say... I'm hoping sex sells.


 Reception and pop-up: Friday, May 10, 5pm-7pm, wine, cheese etc.
All day pop-up and wrapping demo: Saturday, May 11, 12pm-5pm
Location: Arch Drafting Supply, 99 Missouri St  (@17th st) San Francisco, CA 94107

Here's the event page on facebook. 

Purple gradient


Before ombre was the word du-jour I was happy to call gradual color shift a gradient. In an effort to try and give gradient some lime light I will be sprinkling it throughout this post. 


Inspired by my new roll of rainbow gradient washi tape I decided to go on a hunt for purple gradients amongst my giftwrap supplies.

Fish card is by  imaginaryfriendsinc.com

Fish card is by imaginaryfriendsinc.com

I really lucked out with my theme when I found a card in my stationary stash with a purple gradient fish. The card was silk screened but it reminds me of the split fountain letterpress printing technique. 

Gift wrap is from issue 4 of   wrap magazine .

Gift wrap is from issue 4 of wrap magazine.

Why purple? This was all wrapped and gifted to a gal who loves purple and now hopefully purple gradients.

Mask Appeal

This coming Thursday is the Fall Gala (and auction fundraiser) for AIGA San Francisco. I’ve made two masks, one for play and one for rest. 

For the first I used some thinner masking tapes I recently purchased to cover the supplied mask.

I knew for the second mask that I wanted to use wool, a material I’ve been exploring lately, to felt a pattern that could mimic the first mask.

Some people might be getting wool felted sleeping masks for Christmas…