DIY decorative masking tape


Last week I shared an alternative for using plain clear tape when wrapping gifts. This week I've got another one. By now most avid crafters have discovered washi tape. So what's the next logical step for a washi tape addict? Making your own of course! This is were Zentangle or doodling skills come in handy. To be clear this is not making the tape from scratch but it is a way to add some personalization to your gift giving.

An alternative to drawing on masking tape is to use giant stickers. You could even use something as simple as an Avery label.

An alternative to drawing on masking tape is to use giant stickers. You could even use something as simple as an Avery label.

For this project I actually started with Scotch colored masking tape. It's a bid wider than most washi tape available and has a nice texture to it. (I prefer it to the actual washi tape Scotch has on the market which has slick finish). 

Project tips:

— Use a permanent water proof marker. (I used a micron).
— Lay a length of tape on a peel-off surface. Wax paper works well. (I used foil parchment).
— Let your ink dry for a few minutes before touching it just to be on the safe side.
— Caution; if the sticky side of the tape gets in contact with the drawing side it will lift off the ink.

Happy wrapping!

Patriotic presents

Happy 4th of July! 

Red, white, and blue (and pink).

Red, white, and blue (and pink).


Blue and white polka-dot flower made by me with crepe paper.

White and cyan polka-dot wrapping paper is from San Francisco Center for the Book. Pink bird wrap is by Hello Lucky. 

Pop-up shop sneak peek

Here are some in progress images of a few of my wares I'll be selling this Friday and Saturday at Arch. Pop-up shop details are at the bottom of this post.  

Catnip piñatas in progress. 

Catnip piñatas in progress. 


I'll have some of my other cat crafts including cat balls (that's not a typo). I'll be debuting a new cat balls color and I'll have my newly printed greeting card that doubles as a cat toy. 

Packaging up notebooks adorned with washi tape.

Packaging up notebooks adorned with washi tape.

May flowers for moms.

May flowers for moms.

For now I'll call these mystery boxes.

For now I'll call these mystery boxes.

I'm really excited about a big letterpress printing I just completed related to the mystery boxes up above.  I'm going to save the big reveal for a later blog post but in the meantime you can see my finished product at the pop-up. I'll admit this project is a bit risqué. What can I say... I'm hoping sex sells.


 Reception and pop-up: Friday, May 10, 5pm-7pm, wine, cheese etc.
All day pop-up and wrapping demo: Saturday, May 11, 12pm-5pm
Location: Arch Drafting Supply, 99 Missouri St  (@17th st) San Francisco, CA 94107

Here's the event page on facebook. 

Purple gradient


Before ombre was the word du-jour I was happy to call gradual color shift a gradient. In an effort to try and give gradient some lime light I will be sprinkling it throughout this post. 


Inspired by my new roll of rainbow gradient washi tape I decided to go on a hunt for purple gradients amongst my giftwrap supplies.

Fish card is by

Fish card is by

I really lucked out with my theme when I found a card in my stationary stash with a purple gradient fish. The card was silk screened but it reminds me of the split fountain letterpress printing technique. 

Gift wrap is from issue 4 of   wrap magazine .

Gift wrap is from issue 4 of wrap magazine.

Why purple? This was all wrapped and gifted to a gal who loves purple and now hopefully purple gradients.

Ornament Exchange + Holiday Fair


These are some of the final ornaments I made for the exchange I wrote about last month. I’ve been giving these away almost as fast as I’ve been making them. I took these pictures shortly before packing these guys up for the mail.


My inspiration was to create a dimensional version of some holiday masking tape experiments I made last year.


The ornament exchange was good motivation to create an ornament that could do triple duty for the exchange, to be given as gifts and to be sold. I participated in the San Francisco Center for the Book Holiday Fair this year where I sold some of my wares including the ornaments which proved to be a hit.


Thanks Dan Grindle for the Holiday Fair images.