A pop of green

I remember a magical moment; waking up to find green footprints leading me into the bathroom where a large dinosaur formerly known as a brontosaurus sat in the tub, inflatable and green. It was St. Patrick's day and I was six and a half.

I think I love holidays because they all come with a little dose of magic. What's more magical than finding gold at the end of the rainbow? Perhaps these things seem so much more magical as a child because we don't know how the mechanics of the world work yet. Either way we try right? We dye scrambled eggs, rivers, and beer green for one day a year. So I ask you... why not popcorn?!

This is an easy little DIY to create some green magic and a pretty healthy snack.

— Popcorn, popped in an air popper or plain microwavable
— Green food coloring
— About 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
— Clean spray bottle previously used only for water or food purposes
— Optional seasonings of salt, dill, OR seaweed 


  1. Poor olive oil into the spray bottle and add about 8 drops of food color. 
  2. Shake vigorously. Test that it squirts out of the bottle. It will likely only squirt not mist.
  3. As your popcorn pops into your bowl spray with green oil. Or squirt on after for microwave popped.
  4. Add additional seasonings of your choice. I recommend dill or seaweed seasoning for even more green!

(Be aware that when you use a lot of food coloring you can sometimes taste it. I recommend adding enough to create some pops of green instead of trying to douse every kernel in color).

An Easter Update
You can also use this green popcorn to make an Easter egg hunt snack. Use the green popcorn as grass and then hide candy eggs inside. 

DIY decorative masking tape


Last week I shared an alternative for using plain clear tape when wrapping gifts. This week I've got another one. By now most avid crafters have discovered washi tape. So what's the next logical step for a washi tape addict? Making your own of course! This is were Zentangle or doodling skills come in handy. To be clear this is not making the tape from scratch but it is a way to add some personalization to your gift giving.

An alternative to drawing on masking tape is to use giant stickers. You could even use something as simple as an Avery label.

An alternative to drawing on masking tape is to use giant stickers. You could even use something as simple as an Avery label.

For this project I actually started with Scotch colored masking tape. It's a bid wider than most washi tape available and has a nice texture to it. (I prefer it to the actual washi tape Scotch has on the market which has slick finish). 

Project tips:

— Use a permanent water proof marker. (I used a micron).
— Lay a length of tape on a peel-off surface. Wax paper works well. (I used foil parchment).
— Let your ink dry for a few minutes before touching it just to be on the safe side.
— Caution; if the sticky side of the tape gets in contact with the drawing side it will lift off the ink.

Happy wrapping!

Holiday wrapping + workshop announcement!

'Tis the season for gift wrapping. To kick things off I'm sharing the gifts I wrapped last year. I wrapped all the way to Christmas Eve... and some were wrapped after Christmas since gift giving continued through the New Year these never made it to this blog last year.

This year follow along with my wrappings on my Instagram and I'll also of course post a wrap up of my wrappings.

If you're in the Bay Area and want to have some fun with wrapping sign up for my free Gift Wrap Workshop!

Workshop Details
Happening at the Balsam Hill show room in Burlingame.
December 14th, 11 am -12:30pm
RSVP on the facebook invite or email Lisa at lclark [at] balsambrands.com
Space is limited.

Hope to see you there!


Paper shop of horrors


I've been exploring paper flower craft in the last number of months. Halloween season has inspired me create some paper Audrey IIs. As a reminder Audrey II was the flesh/blood eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors. Please note; if I go missing in the near future it's most likely I've been eaten by my own craft project.


For my table display I've paired the pot of Audreys with some of my weirder and pricklier looking succulents. Check out my Halloween pin board to see more creepy plants and ideas for eery plant craft. 

Green gifts galore

Close friends of mine got married at the end of October. One of the ways I was able to participate in their wedding was to wrap all the gifts they gave their parents and bridal party. The prominent color for the wedding was green so I scoured San Francisco for green wrap as well as used some Christmas wrap I already had. In all I wrapped about 26 gifts using 7 types of paper.

Congratulations Terri and Dan! AKA: Derri Grindano.