Don't forget the pets

There are a lot of friends in my life welcoming new little humans into their families for the first time. Many of them have pets so when attending baby showers I've been including an extra gift for the furry friends. I figure some extra love in the form of treats and toys is helpful because they might perceive the new bundle of joy a little differently than their owners. 

I have plenty of handmade cat toy options in my Etsy store but I've had a hard time thinking of a handmade gift for pups. Handcrafted and dog has never sounded too durable to me. But in thinking of dog gifts there is one that can be hand gathered. Sticks!

If your neighborhood is lacking in sticks there's always the classic tennis ball. Bonus if you've got some doggy paper for this super simple wrap.

So I encourage you when gifting parents to be; please don't forget the pets!

From my crafting bookshelf: Paper to Petal


Paper to Petal is a gorgeous book. I can easily lose time looking at all the details in each spread. More than being beautiful it is a recipe book for crafting paper flowers. Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell have meticulously laid out instructions complete with every last material needed for each flower they've shown in the book. This is why I say it's a recipe book. With all cook books that come into my life I look at the recipes for inspiration and then use the ingredients I have on hand. Using this book was no different.

The magenta flowers are based off the books Five-Petal Sweeties and the bigger blooms were my own exploration based on techniques from the book.


Paper flowers are of course a perfect thing to adorn gifts like the one below. That special wrapping was for a baby shower gift. The flowers used techniques from the Rainbow Ruffle book instructions, just with a bit less ruffle. 

I used watercolor pencils to accent some of the crepe paper before making the flowers. The leaves are made from tissue most likely saved from a shoe box .

I used watercolor pencils to accent some of the crepe paper before making the flowers. The leaves are made from tissue most likely saved from a shoe box .

There are some other pertinent details about the book. It is Martha approved complete with a lovely forward by Stewart. The back of the book contains petal templates that you can trace or photo copy as well as an extensive list of resources. It is a book I know I'll use for many years. 

Patriotic presents

Happy 4th of July! 

Red, white, and blue (and pink).

Red, white, and blue (and pink).


Blue and white polka-dot flower made by me with crepe paper.

White and cyan polka-dot wrapping paper is from San Francisco Center for the Book. Pink bird wrap is by Hello Lucky. 

Psychedelic wrap

This present topper is simpler than it may look. It’s two accordion folds fanned out and taped together with double sided tape. I have to give inspiration credit to my mom who has adorned gifts with similar toppers through out the years.

Wrap is the 2011 Christmas printing promotion from Hemlock. Wrap artwork by Marian Bantjes.