Calligraphy chalk for Chiotras

I recently had the opportunity to take my first stab at chalk pho-calligraphy for Chiotras Grocery. They're my neighborhood corner store and sandwich shop (note they're not actually on a corner). They had a huuuuuge chalkboard perfect for making a menu board. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of my progress images. I'm happy to say it's complete! Well except for a couple sandwiches being added to the menu. How could I forget one of my favs; eggplant, pesto, mozzarella!?

I'm really excited to see how this helps out the business. Before the sign was even put up on the wall one of my neighbors remarked "Lox bagel! I want that!" I told him it's always been on the menu. This highlighted perfectly why I wanted to work on this project. I love my little market. It's always a great experience being a customer but I wanted it to be even better for everyone.

Because this chalkboard is so huge it actually wasn't made of slate. That would be hella heavy. That made it a little more difficult to erase mistakes but for the most part windex helped do the trick. In this process I discovered a new tool. Bistro Chalk Markers are just like paint pens but with chalk ink! Erasable! Mind blown. 

Before starting in on the big menu I did some color tests on a mini chalkboard I had and then created the above specials board to start. For the larger menu I sketched the bigger words with pencil along with the dividing lines. You can see some of the pencil marks in the pics below but when looking from a distance you don't see them. The graphite can be removed with windex as well but involved more elbow grease than I had available. 

If you're ever in Potrero Hill and in need of a sandwich take a visit to Chiotras! A great store and great neighbors with yelp reviews to prove it.

Thank you Gritchelle Fallesgon for getting a couple pics of me working on the sign early in the process.