My  Instagrams ; mostly from the Alt parties.

My Instagrams; mostly from the Alt parties.

I've never been so obsessed with a hash tag in my life. Last week I went to a bloging conference at The Fairmont. I've been gleaming information from around the web about Altitude Summit for months so I was expecting nothing less than amazing. In anticipation, the day before the conference, I started stalking the hash tag on Instagram. Maybe it's because I'm new to Instagram but I couldn't help but be excited to watch people pack their bags, prepare their business cards and start arriving in San Francisco. I got to be the tourist in my city watching peeps get excited by trolly cars, china town, Dolores Park and baked goods from Tartine.

If you read nothing further in my post know that Altitude Summit is not just for bloggers. It's relevant to anyone with a creative small business living in the internet age. No blog post can do justice to the full Alt experience. I'm still stalking the hash tag but now I've moved to twitter stalking for all the articles pouring in from fellow bloggers. It was a pretty intimate conference but impossible to connect with everyone. If you read everyone's Alt wrap-ups you'll get a good scope of all the brain food we're all still gnawing on.

Altitude Summit was indeed more than amazing but I have a hunch the weeks and months ahead are going to be the actual amazing. 


Opening keynote by Mariam Naficy.

Opening keynote by Mariam Naficy.

Furiously note taking wrapped in all my layers. Chilly room filled with warm peeps.

Furiously note taking wrapped in all my layers. Chilly room filled with warm peeps.

Chatting with  Creative Bug  about the importance of handmade in my life.

Chatting with Creative Bug about the importance of handmade in my life.

[7/26/2013 update] Here's the video being made in the above pic. 


What I was most looking forward to by attending Alt was to connect with local bloggers. There were plenty of opportunities and I was not disappointed. The cards above represent all the conversations that were had. It was amazing to walk into a space where everyone was equally friendly and willing to share information with each other.

In the spirit of this community there's some link love below which could contain your newest blog addiction or resource. I've organized these a bit Bay Area centric so local peeps might be able to more easily find some of the services this group offers. In the mix are photographers, designers, writers, artists, and more.

Bay-ish Area
A recent article by Chantel Lamers
wishi washi studio
Ellen from juvenilehalldesign.com created the paper flowers for the Alice in Pinterland Party.

Out of the Bay

Conference pics in this post courtesy of Altitude Summit. Shot by Brooke Dennis and sponsored by Atly. Thanks! 

Lastly a little note about sponsorship. I have never been to any event with as much swag and sponsor interaction as this one. I had an epiphany at the very end when Gabrielle, organizer of Alt, was thanking the sponsors. The sponsors are exactly why I was there. Why I paid a very reasonable $260ish for two evenings of food and parties and a full day of valuable information. I was lucky that I live locally and didn't have the other expenses out of town guests burdened. I AM THANKFUL. I GET IT. And now some link love for the sponsors.

Joss & Main
Creative Bug, thanks for the fabulous dinner. I am so happy to have enjoyed another fun event in your creative space. 
Michael Miller Fabrics
Acura, thanks for a fabulous desert party at The Fairmont where I almost fell into an infinite loop and meta meta'd while printing and instagraming.
Joy & Revelry
And last (literally) but not least I fell down the rabbit hole at Pinterest.