Felted Peeps


Did I fool ya? Some of those peeps are not like the others.

Most years I make something out of Peeps so this year I thought I'd make an everlasting Peep using needle felting. I figured it would help with peeps withdrawal after Easter to have one of these guys hanging around.

After making the first one at actual Peep size I thought I'd try going larger. The proportions were a little odd so that's why the pink one in the photo above is sporting a fluffy mohawk. Peeps are just more adorable at their petite marshmallow size.

And of course more adorable than a Peep itself is Peeps on little chicas. My friend Ada above has no problems wearing things on her head so I'm sure I'll be attaching more felted objects to her before she transforms into full on tot. Zara bellow was less into the hairband idea so I came up with the idea of turning her peep into a necklace. She loves it and I will be stealing her style and making a peep necklace for myself no doubt. (Note: the necklace is on the long side so she'll be able to enjoy it for many years).

The full peep lineup

The full peep lineup

Using yarn instead of wool roving

Using yarn instead of wool roving

One challenge for this project was finding wool roving in bright peep colors. My go-to local resource sometimes has a wide variety of colors and sometimes doesn't. So instead of waiting for roving to be shipped I bought wool yarn in bright colors to use. It's a little bit more of a process but works in a pinch.  

There's a couple things to be aware of when needle felting with yarn. Because I don't knit I didn't know there's a process called super washing that is done to some wool yarns. This is so you can actually wash your knitted sweater without having it to shrink. BUT this means the fibers won't work for needle felting. Look out for that when purchasing a yarn to felt with.

Second it's helpful to have a fiber blending tool. Shown in the photo above they're like miniature wool carders so you can unravel your yarn a bit before working with it. Just like a marshmallow Peep my felt version is white on the inside. I used natural roving for the base structure and then covered it and put the finishing touches on using one of the bright colors. For ease of use I just fuzzed up a little snip of yarn at a time.

Peeps eaten this season prior to writing this blog post: 0 
Peeps eaten while writing this blog post: 1 pink, 3 yellow. Yellow tastes the best/tastes the least like food coloring. 

Peeps poppies, paper, and pink

Peeps poppies, paper, and pink. Easter time is peeps time. It's become a personal tradition to craft a Peeps project this time of year. I've been making paper flowers lately so they became the perfect perch for Peeps. You can find my past Peeps projects; Crown of Peeps here, and Tower of Peeps here. 

I recently saw this quote:

I challenge you to find any other food product where a full one-third of the purchases don’t go to their normal, intended use: eating.

— Brian Bachrach, senior marketing manager of innovation at Just Born

Is that not the truth? I've eaten at least as many Peeps as you see on my tree. I found the above quote on the ultimate Tumblr Peepikidia; Peepin it real.

It's a Peeps bush! The flowers themselves are attached using floral wire to a Christmas decoration I've repurposed. In trying to find a storage place for this branch turned ornament tree I realized it could be kept out of a closet if I nestled dried Starflowers in the branches to springify it. 

The wooden box is covered in silver washi tape and is evidence of it's holiday past. Luckily silver is a neutral.