Miniature sticker mandalas

I've been hoarding stickers for a very long time. When I went to create this project I had two sticker collections I could use. The first was my collection from childhood and the second was the collection I made as an adult. Yes, as an adult. Cult of sticker is that bad. Well it turns out stickers do not last forever. Much of my 25 year old collection is not so sticky anymore.

This is my version of the mandala project I saw on the blog HonestlyWTF. I'm an avid reader and the name is definitely an apt description. You can head on over there for the full DIY but I'll share my variant here.

I made mine at a smaller scale (6 x6 inches) so they could be used as a greeting card in addition to art. Because I wanted to make them at a smaller scale it was the perfect opportunity to use my hoard of little Japanese stickers. I've learned my lesson. Stickers must be used!

I created guidelines on the back of my paper in pencil and then used a light table to view them.

I had planned to make just one mandala to celebrate the birth of a friends' baby but they were so additive I had to make a bunch.


These would also be fun to make as Valentines!

Catnip sequel


This grumpy card is a sequel to my catnip holiday card. I've had some success selling the holiday card and wanted to create a card for all seasons.

Why is the cat grumpy? I'm guessing that my cat would be grumpy if he had to wear a clown nose. Your cat won't be grumpy after you pull off the nose which is a catnip filled wool ball.

There's a printed nose under the wool.

There's a printed nose under the wool.

This was one of my smoothest printing projects. Usually when I print I've forgotten an important detail and need to jerry-rig something to accommodate my error. It made the process go quicker by choosing colors that didn't need to be mixed. I used them straight from the ink tube. I printed slightly over 100 cards using 3 colors, 4 plates plus creasing for the fold. This added up to over 500 impressions. Something so simple can add up to a lot of work but I'm very pleased.


I'm selling this card on Etsy and will have it at an upcoming local pop-up.