Ribbonless wrapping

I know, I know, christmas is over. Just one more holiday post and I’ll save the rest of my christmas crafting for next year.

Unintentionally most of the gifts I gave this year were tiny. And as a challenge to myself I didn’t wrap any of them with ribbon.

I had so much xmas crafting going on this year that I ran out of steam for decorating my tree. I bought a tiny tree and got as far as putting the lights on. I put up a little tree village to try to extend the christmas tree spirit. These tiny packages are photographed there.

One of my ribbonless decorations were twist ties made from washi tape. I got the inspiration from Randi at Swoon Studio.

The few larger gifts I had got wrapped up in this years Sappi paper promotion.

Sappi Paper designed by Studio Hinrichs, printed by Blanchette Press

Tiny presents wrapped in the 2010 Hemlock printing promotion. Designed by Turnstyle.