On the friendship trend wagon

There are several grown-up friendship bracelets that I’d been anxiously wanting to make. One Saturday a few weeks ago I made them all. I found tutorials for them all on the awesomely named blog; honestly…wtf.

For the wrap bracelet I strayed from their tutorial a little bit in that I only wrapped the string around one length of leather instead of two. I really like the look of this but I think it might have been better to stick to the tutorial. I’ve had one bracelet come unraveled while wearing. I tried the waxed twine but ended up liking working with embroidery floss instead. 

I’ve seen a lot of people making the hex nut bracelets with rope. I used waxed twine.

The materials for the woven chain bracelet were the most expensive mainly because I had to start with a pre-made chain bracelet. (Fosil, half off from Nordstrom Rack)