San Diego wedding invites

The month of May was filled with the letterpress printing of wedding invites I designed for a friend’s upcoming San Diego wedding. While it took a bit more time than I’d planned it was a pleasure to work on this project and provided many learning lessons for me on my press.

This was not my first printing project on my small press but it was my first complicated printing job. In all I printed 6 plates for a 4 piece invite which included a folding card (3 plates), bookmark (1 plate), rsvp (1 plate), and envelope (1 plate).

I was able to use a friend’s C&P treadle press for my first time using folding rule.

The diagonal quarter point lines above left were filling in to much so I had one plate remade during this project. I’m learning that there are some limitations to the deep relief box car plates that I use with my press. I will also not attempt quarter point dotted lines again either as they tend to break.

Paper: Pearl White; 110 lb Crane Lettra and A7 envelopes

Ink: PMS 072, PMS 158*

*I mixed the PMS 158 myself which provided one more lesson. The Lettra paper soaked up way more of the ink than I expected so I was inking the press every 10 prints and furiously mixing more ink as I went along. Luckily the orange is only seen once in each invitation because the color did shift from the first print to the last. The blue was used straight from the tube so no mixing needed.