Polka-dot Chicago


When starting this project the one request I had from the groom was to incorporate the Chicago skyline. Florencia the bride and my former roommate had a few other comments; “I like polka-dots, I like birds, no matchy matchy”. The Polka-dots were no surprise to me since she even had them on her dress. I promise polka-dots on a wedding dress is just the right amount of sophistication and whimsy. That was my personal goal for the invite design.

For the other requests, rather than just putting a bird on it, I used one of her mothers bird sketches. Growing up Florencia always liked her bird drawings and I was happy to use something extra sentimental in the invitation. I suggested the orange envelopes to keep things from being to matchy matchy and because I couldn’t imagine orange not being part of Florencia’s wedding. Living together she brought the gift of orange into my life and I’ve embraced it as a color I like to have around.

As it should be, the final result was a reflection of both the bride and groom. I printed these invites with the assistance of Florencia in March and attended the wedding in early May.

Congratulations Andrew and Florencia!


I supplied files for Florencia to produce some extra items for the wedding.


Patricia Lebensohn’s bird drawings.


Paper: French Paper Company, Pop-Tone Whip Cream, 140lb Cover

Envelopes: French Paper Company, Butcher Orange

Inks: Pantone 7650 (aubergine), Pantone 383 (green), self mixed so not perfect