SF Etsy Summer Pop-up

I'm excited to say I'll be participating in the SF Etsy Summer Pop-up on Sunday, August 23rd. Here are the pertinent details and the official Facebook Event link.

Sunday, August 23, 11:00am - 5:00pm

All Good Pizza, San Francisco

This is of course what I'm most excited about. I've been working hard to create more products for Kitty Confetti. What's Kitty Confetti? You know party cats are just throwing catnip around like Scrooge McDuck in his money vault. So for all those times you aren't sure what to get your cat loving friend I've got Kitty Confetti; a whole line of easy cat gifts and stationary. At the Pop-up I'll be debuting a whole bunch of new items like cards made with that gelatin cat print you see up there. 

What else to do
All Good Pizza is a good ways down 3rd Street so you might be wondering what else can I do while in the Bay View? FIRST, come to the pop-up! Then walk just half a block down to the garden oasis that is Flora Grubb. Inside Flora Grubb you'll find Ritual Coffee along with a pussy cat lounging around somewhere. If you've got your car handy I also recommend checking out Building Resources where you could pick up a salvaged door or some tumbled glass. For something else that's a different type of old there's a wonderful antique store you could spend hours in called the Richard Gervais Collection. Unfortunately they're not open on Sundays but I wanted to mention it while highlighting some of the Bayview businesses.

Lastly I wanted to say a little note about this blog. If you frequent it often you may have noticed I've been lax on posting this past month. It's definitely due to all the work I'm putting into Kitty Confetti. But I wanted to assure you that I'm not done having this blog conversation. As I focus on new and old creative passions the blog is the place I've come to share them. And it's still the place I plan to share... but perhaps just not once a week like I was able to do for the last couple of years. if you want to make sure you're up do date on any of my creative happenings do stay connected by subscribing to my monthly Tiny Letter.


Voodoo Valentines

You remind me of the cat. What cat?
The cat with the power. What power?
Power of voodoo. Who do?
Cat do. Do what?

I'm always trying to figure out how to make cats a little more useful. I'm convinced they should be trained to give back massages since they're so good at massaging a full bladder when you have to pee. What they do know how to use well are their fists full of needles. Perfect for doing a little voodoo perhaps? At least to the mice?

You may have seen some of my early experiments making these cat toys ages ago on Instagram. I ended up selling my first indigo colored batch during these past holiday craft fairs. I've always thought that they'd make a great Valentines Day gift so I've made them in pinks and purples and they're finally available NOW! in my Kitty Confetti shop.


These little mice voodoo dolls are filled with cotton and catnip. I used Lumi's Inkodyes to print my design with sunlight. The fabric is treated with the light sensitive dye and a film positive casts a shadow on the fabric preventing that area from being dyed. This is what gives the image it's ghostly quality because of the sun's movement. The exposure was about 10 minutes.

These dolls all are dyed with the plum colored Inkodye. You can see color results can vary but I like how the overall effect adds to this particular product.

These dolls all are dyed with the plum colored Inkodye. You can see color results can vary but I like how the overall effect adds to this particular product.

I'll likely write a future blog post about working with the Inkodyes. But for now, go get your Valentine some voodoo!

*I took a little humorous liberty with David Bowie's lyrics to 'Magic Dance'. I still love me some Labyrinth.