100 Day Project 2016

Last year around this time I participated in The 100 Days Project organized by Elle Luna. I'm back at it again this year. The 100 Day Project is simple. Pick one thing to do everyday for 100 days.

My goal last year for the project was to carve out a new routine for myself. I created all sorts of things during my time last year. As I followed along with other people's projects I found myself envying those with a hyper focus. I wondered what it would be like to experience the project with a narrow focus. So this year that's what I've chosen to do.

#100OnionDrops is my project this year. I'm exploring all I can do with the tangle I designed a couple years ago.

You can follow along on my Instagram and if you want to try drawing it yourself I've got instructions right here.

I'm curious to see what day 100 will look like!