Show and tell: Strike Away show

A few weeks ago I shared my process and final submission to the Strike Away show. The show is up! It's so lovely but only up for a bit longer (until June 30th, 2015). I couldn't come to the opening night but I imagine it was packed with people because over 200 artists created over 400 mostly little works of art.

While working on my own project and leading up to the show I saw the continual work flow of other artists on Instagram using the #strikeaway hashtag. Courtney Cerruti and Alicia Dornadic who curated the show shared their progress of receiving and organizing all the work for display. Even with all that visual knowledge it was a pleasant surprise to see how they displayed everything. Because most of the art is small and light in weight the match boxes and books are pinned to a display surface in wall cases. The presentation has a very entomological feel, full of curiosities, perfectly fitting of it's location at Paxton Gate's Curiosities for Kids. You can gaze a long time and still see something new.

Mobile by Jill Russell

Mobile by Jill Russell

Courtney and Alicia used Instargam to call for entries. Because art flowed in from reaches beyond San Francisco I imagine many artists haven't seen the show. I hope this little taste helps give an idea of the exhibit. I've done my best to link to artists I've shown in the pics. Do let me know if I missed someone.

Go check out the curiosities until June 30th, 2015!