Gift of time

My birthday is at the end of the month so I've decided to give a little gift to myself. The gift of time! I'm going to be taking a blogging break until mid September. I haven't had as much time for the handcrafting part of this blog so I'll be focusing on that. I'm sure I'll be sharing some makings on my Instagram and if you're worried you'll miss my return please sign up for my monthly updates. 

Last week when I was working on my weekly post (which you'll notice I never published) I had the revelation that I needed a break from the computer screen and some of the steps that it takes to put out a weekly post. I was hoping to get in that one last post as I scheduled some time off on my calendar. That didn't happen because just after I made that decision I saw this article on white space breaks from fellow blogger Sage Greyson. It was clearly a sign! I decided I'd finish that post later and focused on having a fun weekend (past) in LA instead. So as Sage asked, I'll ask to. Do you need a white space break?