New Zentangle pattern: Onion Drops

One of the things I love most about Zentangle is that it's a great go-to creative outlet when creating birthday notes and wrappings. Hand drawing something is an automatic way to make something unique and special for someone.

Are you thinking Zentangle what? Here's an introduction I wrote a couple months ago.

Today I'm sharing my first Zentangle pattern. I developed this because while Zentangle is about being slow and thoughtful I wanted something that would flow from the pen a little quicker than some of my other favorite patterns. Something I could easily incorporate into those unique special somethings I was just mentioning. Searching the hashtag #oniondrops on my Instagram you can see many cards I've crafted with this pattern.

Without further a-du, here is the video and illustrated step-out for creating the Onion Drops pattern.

Why call it Onion Drops? I'm not a big fan of onions but those little purple ones are the first thing I thought of when I looked at this pattern. So Onion Drops it is.

For the Zentangle familiar you'll notice that I'm filling in some of the empty spaces with Tipple.

I haven't seen this pattern in Zentangle land but there are a few patterns I've come across that feel like they're part of the same family tree. Links to those patterns: Echoism (also one of my favorites), Inapod, Kandy Ribnz, Leaflet, Pais, Puffle, Tipz, Undling, Cruffle, and Worms.

I'd love to see how you interpret Onion Drops. Please send me images of your creations or tag them on social media!