Celebrating a year of calligraphy with a summer word list


It's my calligraversary! Myyy ca-llig-ra-ver-sary. And now I have an awful song in my head. Regardless I'm happy to say I've been practicing calligraphy for one year. The first 6 months was spent diligently practicing a few hours a week. And the last 6 months I've been less disciplined. I've mostly trotted out my new skill for creating notes for well wishes. I am so thankful that I did spend that chunk of time early on practicing. It felt like learning a foreign language. At times I needed to reference my notes to get my hand to translate the letter forms. But now I feel much more fluent and it flows pretty quickly even when I haven't practiced in awhile. 

If you've been thinking of taking up calligraphy and need some reasons to take the plunge I've got five for you.

It gives you a super power. You can instantly make something special for someone. Not that many people know how to do it, so, those who encounter your calligraphy will be wowed. 

It gives you a disguise. While on the topic of super powers my basic grocery list handwriting has not improved BUT I can quickly disguise that fact when I cloak it in calligraphy.

No spell check. Why is that an advantage? Well it's a good way to just practice good ol' fashioned spelling. I know I am very dependent on spell check but when I'm writing calligraphy I'm writing slowly and there's plenty of time to recognize if a word doesn't look right (sometimes). 

Endless possibilities. It's a skill. Like learning the basics of how to sew or knit you have a new medium to create from.

It's Cheap! You certainly can spend some dough on it but as hobbies go the basics are incredibly affordable. Paper, ink, pen nib, and holder won't cost much more than $25. Get a good book and if you can afford it take a class. A class will get you up and running more quickly.

It's been helpful for me to have go to word lists to practice from. Because summer is around the corner and Memorial Day weekend is on our heals I've created a new list. It's a summer day dream because we don't get much of the season in San Francisco. I hope it helps everyone to keep practicing!

Since google can't read calligraphy (yet) I'm also typeing out the summer word list for calligraphy practice:

August Fruit, Beach Umbrella, Ice Cream Excursions, Skinny Dipping Youth, X-Games, July Heat, Lake Kayaking, Maps, Naps, Ocean Wave, Twilights Quiet, Vacation Reading, Pool, Zou-bisou-bisou.

As you can see I have to get creative with the X an Z words. And oops, spelled kayak wrong.

I have much more practice ahead of me. To see how far I've come in a year check out my first calligraphy post and my six month followup. Both include word lists.