Peeps poppies, paper, and pink

Peeps poppies, paper, and pink. Easter time is peeps time. It's become a personal tradition to craft a Peeps project this time of year. I've been making paper flowers lately so they became the perfect perch for Peeps. You can find my past Peeps projects; Crown of Peeps here, and Tower of Peeps here. 

I recently saw this quote:

I challenge you to find any other food product where a full one-third of the purchases don’t go to their normal, intended use: eating.

— Brian Bachrach, senior marketing manager of innovation at Just Born

Is that not the truth? I've eaten at least as many Peeps as you see on my tree. I found the above quote on the ultimate Tumblr Peepikidia; Peepin it real.

It's a Peeps bush! The flowers themselves are attached using floral wire to a Christmas decoration I've repurposed. In trying to find a storage place for this branch turned ornament tree I realized it could be kept out of a closet if I nestled dried Starflowers in the branches to springify it. 

The wooden box is covered in silver washi tape and is evidence of it's holiday past. Luckily silver is a neutral.