Don't forget the pets

There are a lot of friends in my life welcoming new little humans into their families for the first time. Many of them have pets so when attending baby showers I've been including an extra gift for the furry friends. I figure some extra love in the form of treats and toys is helpful because they might perceive the new bundle of joy a little differently than their owners. 

I have plenty of handmade cat toy options in my Etsy store but I've had a hard time thinking of a handmade gift for pups. Handcrafted and dog has never sounded too durable to me. But in thinking of dog gifts there is one that can be hand gathered. Sticks!

If your neighborhood is lacking in sticks there's always the classic tennis ball. Bonus if you've got some doggy paper for this super simple wrap.

So I encourage you when gifting parents to be; please don't forget the pets!