Double exposure. Goodbye Fuji B&W.

The last few months I've been rediscovering my Polaroid Land Camera so it was sad news in November for Polaroid enthusiasts when Fuji Film announced the unfortunate news it would stop making the black and white FP-3000b film that still works in these cameras. There was a petition put into motion but alas it did not work. 

At the top of my Christmas List was the B&W Fuji Film. I'm happy to say I've now got a shelf of film in my fridge. As the petition points out the color film could be at the same discontinuation risk in the future. To do my part in keeping these fun toys around I'll be shooting more Polaroids and buying more color film. These are the last few months that the B&W film will be somewhat available in photo stores. I will be stock piling.

In hopes of the impossible you can let your voice be heard by asking The Impossible Project to pick up were Fuji has failed Polaroid enthusiasts. 

And now for some pictures. I shot these double exposures on a recent Dillon Beach getaway with friends. It's a fun pre-photoshop trick to play with.