Silent ribbon rattles: An easy DIY gift

Over the last couple years many new babies have come into my life. I've been making them these silent ribbon rattles. I use fun colors and intersperse black because babies visual senses are stimulated by high contrast colors.

With the long Thanksgiving holiday ahead of us I wanted to share this easy DIY in case you wanted to start crafting some holiday gifts. It's simple to make a bunch of these at the same time. You can get as fancy or as simple with your ribbon choices. Most fabric stores sell basic ribbon by the yard at a very reasonable price.

These can be a great gift on their own or work great as a gift topper. Because they're made of fabric they're also easy to wash. And with all the noisy baby gadgets out there I'm sure the silence is appreciated.

I wrapped one rattle in an exposed way so it was both decorative while being the actual contents of the gift.


– 6 yards of ribbon (variety of colors and widths. (I typically don't use ribbon wider than 5/8ths inch.)
– 1.5 inch D ring (Usually sold in multiples of 2)
– Scissors

Make It

— Prep your materials by cutting about 15 lengths of ribbon 15 inches each in length.
— Fold one length of ribbon in half to create a loop and secure to the D ring with a lanyard hitch knot. Then tie an overhand knot to finish securing the ribbon.
— Repeat until your D ring is packed with ribbons. I vary the colors as I go and intersperse with black ribbons.

A little side note. I am wowed by all the knot possibilities out there. There is most likely even a more secure method for tying these ribbons so feel free to experiment!