I see in 3D

Halloween is a little over a week a way and things are starting to get weird. On their own these 3D glasses aren't so odd but I'm loving the creep factor this head form is bringing. That wig below is a little sneak peak at my Halloween costume. The glasses don't have much to do with my outfit other than I can't stop thinking about the classic movie theater pics from the 50's which is the same era my costume falls into. (Another hint)!

So why the glasses? In my studio I came across this 3D sketch pad I'd forgot I had. Basically anything you draw on the paper in black pops off the page when viewed through the glasses. You know, good ol' fashioned fun with optics. I wanted to give a few sheets to the winners of October's mail game but I'd also need to send them 3D glasses. What to do, what to do? Make some of course! 

I used 3D glasses I already owned as a template but then I cut almond shaped eye holes for the lenses instead of the classic rounded rectangles. I added some zentangle type patterns to emphasize the blue and red halves.

Wanna see in 3D?* If you'd like a pair of your own sign up for my monthly wrap up to play the mail game. I'll be sending glasses to Novembers** winners. Every month three people have the chance to get goodies in the mail from me!

*The author is aware everyone already see's in 3D. 

** November 2014 winners of the mail game will get 3D glasses. Sign up here!