Purple gradient


Before ombre was the word du-jour I was happy to call gradual color shift a gradient. In an effort to try and give gradient some lime light I will be sprinkling it throughout this post. 


Inspired by my new roll of rainbow gradient washi tape I decided to go on a hunt for purple gradients amongst my giftwrap supplies.

Fish card is by  imaginaryfriendsinc.com

Fish card is by imaginaryfriendsinc.com

I really lucked out with my theme when I found a card in my stationary stash with a purple gradient fish. The card was silk screened but it reminds me of the split fountain letterpress printing technique. 

Gift wrap is from issue 4 of   wrap magazine .

Gift wrap is from issue 4 of wrap magazine.

Why purple? This was all wrapped and gifted to a gal who loves purple and now hopefully purple gradients.