Art in the mail


These days a handwritten note in the mail can really stand out amongst the circulars and automated mailers. The thank you note above from Alyson Kuhn was a bright spot in my day when it arrived with its multiple cancelation stamps on top of years of collected postage. I've always liked postage stamps, little pieces of art sent through the mail, but I've never been good at collecting them. Her piece of mail was the inspiration for my mail art project. I wanted to have the same collage look the stamps provide but without needing to become a stamp hound. 


I first printed these awhile back and I've been working my way through the first printing creating miniature pieces of mail art. Many friends have already received one of these from me or you may have seen some of them on my Instagram where I'm sure I'll share more. I recently printed more including a larger sized envelope with more stamp frames so I could make them available on Etsy.


On a more personal level these envelopes brought a message to myself. When Alyson's note arrived in the mail I'd been having a down period in my life and wasn't feeling very creative. Seeing her note immediately sparked inspiration and reminded me that my creativity was still alive and kicking. 


Create your own mail art with my envelope packs available for purchase on Etsy.