The 100 Day Project: 2017

It’s that time of year again. The 100 Day project is upon us and I’m participating for my 3rd time.

This year my 100 Day Project is lettering the “radio”. The radio is information. I grew up listening to public radio and now also listen to tons of podcasts. The radio has always been my main source of news and helped me to be a critical thinker. So as I letter I’ll be sharing tidbits of ideas and things I hear good ol’ fashioned public radio and the modern version of the radio, podcasts.

I’ve love using the tools for calligraphy and brush lettering but sometimes I’m at a loss for what to write. This project provides me a solution to that for the next 100 days. Here we go!

Info to join in the fun can be found at the official website.

Follow along with my project on Instagram #LetteringTheRadio

My past two projects.
2015 #100DaysOfDayBreakPlay
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2016 #100OnionDrops
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Rainbow geometric wall hanging

Don't let the picture fool you. This is not a cat toy. I used my geometric ornament template to make a mobile as a baby gift. I combined the gift making with my current 100 Day Project by using my tangle pattern Onion Drops. For the colorful paper gems I used a watercolor wash.

Flip happy business card

Every few years I design a new business card for myself. See my social media callingrams here and my masking tape covered Shastablasta Wraps Presents Well blog cards here.

Personal business cards have always been a fun exercise for me to hand off a little of my personality alongside my contact info. A primary goal when I create a business card is always to make the receiver feel like they’re getting a little gift. Now that it's easy to put contact info in phones it feels especialIy important to make business cards more about the experience of meeting someone.

If this wasn't my own card I'd probably call it overkill. I know someday these cards are destined for the recycling bin but in the meantime I hope they bring some purposeful amusement to the recipient. 

100 Day Project 2016

Last year around this time I participated in The 100 Days Project organized by Elle Luna. I'm back at it again this year. The 100 Day Project is simple. Pick one thing to do everyday for 100 days.

My goal last year for the project was to carve out a new routine for myself. I created all sorts of things during my time last year. As I followed along with other people's projects I found myself envying those with a hyper focus. I wondered what it would be like to experience the project with a narrow focus. So this year that's what I've chosen to do.

#100OnionDrops is my project this year. I'm exploring all I can do with the tangle I designed a couple years ago.

You can follow along on my Instagram and if you want to try drawing it yourself I've got instructions right here.

I'm curious to see what day 100 will look like! 

Spring weaving

Last spring I started a bright landscape weaving... and then I procrastinated the last steps of taking it off the loom. It was a fun project to test out using different types of yarn and fibers as this is only my third weaving. 

While I was making the weaving I documented it on Instagram as part of my  100 day project.

While I was making the weaving I documented it on Instagram as part of my 100 day project.

My cat helping with the weaving process.

My cat helping with the weaving process.

The finished piece!

The finished piece!