Welcome! Shastablasta wraps is a place for making things special with handmade gift giving. Here you’ll find a bit of inspiration and a bit of DIY along with resources for thoughtful gifting. 



A written note in the mail, a crafted gift, or a thoughtfully wrapped store bought gift can go a long way to strengthening connection. I find crafting things with my hands also grounds me and strengthens connection to myself as well.

I’m a lifelong learner who’s exploring paper arts through letterpress printing, calligraphy, and paper manipulation all of which is influenced by my graphic design background. Some of the projects I share on this blog come from years of experience working with a certain medium and other projects are created as I learn something new. I share what I learn along the way and any tips I think could help someone else with similar endeavours. 

My project inspirations often come from gifts and greetings I make for friends and loved ones. All the projects I share come from a gift or correspondence I made or a medium that I am currently exploring. Since 2013 I’ve been exploring pen and ink through Zentangle and a Calligraphy practice which I’ve documented on this blog. Most recently I’ve been exploring embroidery and weaving. You can find the craft themes I work with most over in the side column.

I sell handmade gifts!

I also sell gift oddities for humans and weirdo cat lovers. During the holidays you can find me selling around San Francisco. I send a monthly wrap up with news, updates, and the mail game. What's the mail game? Each month the first three subscribers to respond have opportunity to get some crafty mail in the post.

I'm a wrapper

When I first started this blog a main focus was to share my gift wrapping creations. This led to the unique experience of entering and being a contestant in the 2012 Scotch Brands Most Gifted Wrapper contest. I still share photos of gift wrappings for friends but also include my exploration with new-to-me techniques. If you'd like to see my video entry into the gift wrapping contest check it out here. You can read about my whirl wind contest experience in an article I wrote for Felt & Wire here.


Shasta Garcia

All photography by Shasta Garcia (me) unless otherwise stated. Bio images by Gritchelle Fallesgon.

Some regular sized fine print
This blog is basically a labor of love for craft. You won't find ads in my sidebar unless it's something I'm directly involved with or something I personally sell. As a resource for you I try to include links in my posts relating to the project I'm sharing. Occasionally those may be affiliate links to Amazon which means I may get a tiny cut of the sale if you buy through that link. Go ahead and buy through those links! It's one small way to support what I'm doing here and if you're so inclined do please check out my shops. Thanks so much for reading!