Crude craft: Cat Balls

That’s right, I said cat balls.


Last year I started experimenting with needle felting. One of the first items I created was a wool and catnip toy. I ended up creating a Christmas card to feature the toy.


During my prototyping process I gave some friends my experiments. I’d used some wool I’d had on hand which wasn’t the most pretty of colors. The joke was made “Are you giving me a cat’s ball? Did your cat throw this up?” The crudeness of the jokes have lingered with me and I decided to see it through to fruition. So yes, now I am a seller of cat balls. Imitation cat balls.


Felted sleep mask; Breakfast at Tiffany's edition.

This is not the first time I’ve made a felt sleeping mask for a theme. This gift was inspired by the theme; my friend is moving to New York! People either use sleep masks or they don’t so when I heard she does I knew what I’d be making her. And with the NY connection, Breakfast at Tiffany’s seemed like the perfect additional inspiration. If you haven’t seen this classic film watch it!

Because I was making her the mask I thought she should have the ear plug ear rings to go with. Still not sure what to call these; ear plug rings?

Fuzzy hearts and craft hangover

So it turns out if I spend the month of December making stuff non-stop I don’t have very much energy to make much in January. Have no fear though I will be crafting and posting with more regularity in the future.

So without further ado Happy Valentines Day!

I made many of these fuzzy hearts as Christmas gifts this year. I gave them all away and then it occurred to me that I should have put pin backs on them. I did so for the one I’m wearing today. I contemplated wearing it on my sleeve but opted for my lapel instead.

Thanks arvi for the photo shoot.

Catnip noses

I have a cat. I think I have a fairly healthy relationship with him and don’t see a future for myself as a crazy cat lady. I am inspired to find amusements for my feline friend. One of them turned into this card.

 Under the nose.

Under the nose.

Printing: About 4.5 hours on my letterpress
Paper: French Paper, Dur-O-Tone, Newsprint White, 80lb Cover
Ink: Black, Warm Red (oil base)
Noses: Made of wool and catnip and are meant to be pulled off to be chewed and mangled by the recipients cat.